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leanlix is a low-calorie dog reward system that will leave them drooling for more. Convenient and innovative, the treat system was inspired by our one-year-old lab Grace who LOVES food and treats. The concept of a reward that could be licked, was low-calorie and had health benefits (all while keeping all five fingers intact) was created. Each leanlix recipe has been carefully crafted by the experiences of our family. As only you dog owners know -- Cupcake on the Counter, One and Only Strawberry, Run-a-way Frank -- there's a story to go with each one. The actual treat has been inspired by true life events but has been formulated by a leading professional in the pet industry. leanlix, a treat for yourself AND your dog!

How To Train

How To Train Using leanlix

This section describes how to train your dog using the leanlix technique...

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